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Man's 'disgusting' act caught on CCTV: 'This is our backyard’

A Brisbane woman says she is fed up with anti-social behaviour in her community after her security cameras caught a stranger’s “disgusting” act outside her home.

Redlands resident Maria Sealey captured the moment the unidentified man dropped his pants, exposed his buttocks and gave the camera the finger as he was walking along a public footpath with several children.

The path runs alongside Mrs Sealey’s property and connects to Victoria Point Town Centre, a shopping district that includes Woolworths, Bunnings and McDonald’s among a variety of other stores.

Mrs Sealey described the stranger’s exposure as “disgusting”, telling the Redland City Bulletin the behaviour is ongoing and unacceptable.

A man exposes his buttocks to a resident's camera near the Victoria Point Town Centre.
A man exposed his backside to a resident's camera near the Victoria Point Town Centre. Source: Redland City Bulletin

'This is not OK'

"It is not on. If people find that acceptable and think 'OK, that's how society is'. Well, no, it's not,” she told the weekly community paper.

"This is our backyard, this is where we live. It has been going on pretty much since we've had the cameras, especially the public urination. They urinate on our fence and on our Crime Stoppers sign, so it is not a recent thing unfortunately.”

Latest in a string of disturbing instances

Mrs Sealey’s cameras have captured other questionable incidents, including a woman defecating near houses during daylight hours and youths ripping out plants from a nearby reserve. There have also been ongoing issues with littering and graffiti.

In one incident purposely out of sight of the cameras, someone threw a large amount of dog faeces over Mrs Sealey’s fence into her backyard.

Following the most recent ‘mooning’ incident, the frustrated resident penned an email to police and council, stressing the importance of public safety.

Redland City Council previously told the Redland City Bulletin that it was looking at alternate access to the town centre.

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