'Sandwiches MUST be good': Man’s desperate act to satisfy food craving

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A man who went to extreme lengths to get his hands on his favourite sandwich during lockdown has been slammed for a "flagrant abuse" of Covid-19 restrictions.

A week ago, footage emerged of a man in a helicopter picking up food from a store in the UK.

"When your customers are literally ‘flying in’ to collect their favourite Roast Beef in Caramelised Onion Gravy Barms," Chipping Farm Shop said on Instagram.

In the video, a man inside a helicopter is seen landing on some grass as a second man, presumably a Chipping Farm Shop employee, hands over a plastic bag containing the sandwhich.

A man travelled over 120km by helicopter to pick up food during lockdown. Source: Instagram
A man travelled over 120km by helicopter to pick up food during lockdown. Source: Instagram

Once the man in the helicopter receives the food, the helicopter takes off again.

Throughout the country's lockdown, hospitality venues have been permitted to provide takeaway and delivery services.

Helicopter trip is being investigated

The pilot flew 128km to pick up the food, the BBC has since reported. Ribble Valley Council is reportedly now investigating the Covid lockdown breach.

Simon Hore, from Ribble Valley Borough Council, told the BBC, given the rules when the flight happened, it appears the trip was a "flagrant abuse" of the restrictions.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed to the BBC the ordeal is being investigated.

Numerous people took to the shop's Instagram post to share their shock at the length's the man went to for his craving, some unimpressed by the pilot's actions.

"Those sandwiches must be good," one person remarked.

"Blatant rule breaking combined with complete lack of sensitivity," someone commented.

"Observing COVID rules and staying ‘local’ I see! 80 miles .." another said.

"I know this shop, the staff are great, very warm and friendly and will always go above and beyond for their customers," another person said.

"This little shop is a Beacon of light in Chipping, and do the best take away food for miles around," they continued.

Another person defended the store and offered an explanation as to why the pilot may have travelled so far for a feed.

"I get why people are p**sed off to a point but the farm shop hasn't done anything wrong here," they said.

"It's just a bit of good advertising for them. Also a pilot has to get a certain amount of hours in to maintain his quota also to maintain the aircraft. And keep the engine and systems in check."

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