Man’s dead body on train for hours before staff notice

A dead man in his 60s has been discovered on a train after a five-hour journey.

The man boarded the Cross Country service from Manchester Piccadilly on May 30, but it wasn’t until the last stop that staff realised the passenger they believed to be sleeping was in fact dead.

Staff, who have had to limit their interactions with people due to coronavirus, had walked past the man, according to the Manchester Evening News.

“The elderly gentleman had been seen by the train crew during the journey and thought to be sleeping, but when they did not depart when the journey ended the emergency services were called who confirmed the customer had sadly passed away,” a Cross Country spokesperson said.

A man died shortly after boarding a train in Manchester Piccadilly and staff thought he was sleeping for five hours. Source: Getty Images

A source told The Scottish Sun the death was “heartbreaking in a civilised society”.

“They are not walking through carriages checking tickets and making sure everyone is OK, as they usually do,” the source said, referring to staff.

“Their only task is to despatch trains safely. They spend the rest of the journey at the rear in their office.”

It is unclear when the man died on the train, however, he did purchase a ticket from Piccadilly to Stockport, which the Manchester Evening News reports is an eight minute trip.

According to the Scottish Sun, he died of a heart attack shortly after boarding just before 9.30am.

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