Man's chilling attack on woman in lift caught on CCTV as child looks on

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A man has been filmed in an sexual attack on a woman in a lift in front of a young girl.

In CCTV footage believed to be from China and posted to LiveLeak on Saturday, the man forces a woman to the ground and hits her repeatedly as a little girl watches on.

Moments before the attack, the three enter the lift on the first floor – the woman and child hand-in-hand walk in with the man following.

The three enter the lift. Source: LiveLeak
The man watches on before his assault. Source: LiveLeak

He stands behind the woman for a few seconds when the doors close but when the lift reaches the third floor he grabs the woman by the waist and throws her to the ground.

She tries to fight him off but he sits on top of her and begins to smack her repeatedly while a little girl looks on.

The man holds the woman’s arm behind her back but she manages to get a hand free to try and escape the lift by pressing a button to open the door.

He wrestles the woman to the ground before beating her. Source: LiveLeak

He presses several buttons to keep the lift moving.

The woman somehow scrambles to her feet and removes a shoe.

The man continues to assault the woman before she fights back with a shoe. Source: LiveLeak

Hitting him back with her high-heel, the woman sends the man running from the lift.

It’s not know if the woman was injured or the man was charged over the incident.

The man flees. Source: LiveLeak