Man escapes with his life when car explodes after lighting cigarette

A man whose car exploded after he lit a cigarette moments after spraying air freshener in his car says he is lucky to be alive.

Carl Fisher suffered burns to his face and hands when his car blew up and vows to never use aerosol air freshener again.

Mr Fisher told The Sun 10 minutes after spraying the aerosol, he lit up a cigarette and the gas from the spray ignited.

The man says he is lucky to be alive after his car exploded. Source: Press Association

“I’m incredibly lucky to be here. I should be dead right now,” he told The Sun.

“Seeing the damage to my car I can’t believe I managed to get out alive.”

Mr Fisher said he had no idea his vehicle was primed for an explosion.

He recalled the moment the car combusted, saying he can remember the pressure of the explosion “blowing up on my body and everything lighting up in front of me”.

Mr Fisher said the windows were completely shattered and he was trapped in the car as the driver’s door was jammed shut, forcing him to climb through the window.

Carl Fisher says he is lucky to be alive after his car exploded and swears he will never use aerosol air freshener again. Source: Facebook.

The blast even shattered windows of a nearby building, and medics said they could not believe he survived.

Mr Fisher is expected to make a full recovery, according to The Sun, and is now warning drivers if they use aerosol air fresheners, not to smoke in their cars.

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