Man's bizarre response when police tell him his housemate has been murdered

Siale Tinoai drew a picture of himself, wrote the words, "Craig, you're gonna die" on it and left it on a table in his Brisbane sharehouse.

That afternoon in January 2013, the then 20-year-old murdered his housemate Craig Stuart Field in a frenzied stabbing attack.

He responded with "sweet as" to police who informed him of Mr Field's death.

Tinoai is being sentenced in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to murder.

He and Mr Field, 43, lived together in a house for people with mental health care needs with three others in Slacks Creek.

Their relationship began to sour leading up to the attack when Mr Field accused Tinoai of stealing a video game.

The housemates allegedly fell out over a video game. Source: Getty/File

On the day of the killing, a woman who lived on the lower floor was alerted by the sound of heavy footsteps above her before hearing Mr Field yell "help, help".

She ran upstairs to see Tinoai on top of him in the lounge room and repeatedly stabbing him.

"Help me. He's trying to kill me," Mr Field said repeatedly.

Police and paramedics were called but he died at the scene.

Tinoai fled on foot was but was soon found by police, where he claimed Mr Field attacked him with a pair of scissors over the alleged theft of video games.

"Some c*** tried to stab me so I defended myself and killed the c***," he told them.

"I grabbed the scissors ... then I pushed him on the couch and went on him and started shanking him."

The sentencing hearing continues.

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