Man's bizarre reaction after winning $250,000 scratchie prize

A Queensland woman has revealed celebrating took a backseat after she and her husband won $250,000 from a $10 scratchie.

The woman, from Morayfield, north of Brisbane, said she dreamt two days before the win that her and her husband were going to claim a prize.

“So, my hubby went out and bought a few $10 tickets and the last ticket he scratched was the one that won us $250,000,” she told Golden Casket. 

But celebrating wasn’t the first thing the couple did, according to the woman’s husband.

A Morayfield man said he and his wife decided to mow the lawn after learning they had won $250,000 from their $10 scratchie. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

“When I saw that we won $250,000, I was just like ‘yeah, that’s nice, I’ll go mow the lawn now’. Because my wife had the dream a few nights before, I kind of expected the win,” he said.

It wasn’t all hard work for the couple though. They celebrated with dinner afterwards and are now planning on heading overseas.

“We want to go to Hong Kong and New Zealand sometime this year,” the man said.

“We will also do some renovations on the house and then keep the rest for a rainy day.”

The woman had dreamt the couple won from a scratchie two days before the $250,000 win from the scratchie. Source: The Lott (file pic)

The ticket was purchased from Burpengary News, north of Brisbane.

In other recent lottery news, a woman recently won $210,000 after buying 30 lottery tickets using the same four digits on each of them. 

Last month, the winner of $1.6 million in a Jamaican lottery arrived to collect his winnings at a press conference decked out in a Scream mask.

The man, known as Campbell, who regularly plays, said he felt physically ill on learning he’d won and wanted to protect his identity.

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