Man's bizarre act after 'stabbing rampage' on Tokyo train

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A man dressed as a character from Batman has stabbed commuters on a train in Tokyo, injuring several people and then starting a fire.

A 24-year-old man was dressed as The Joker and was brandishing a knife on the train on Sunday.

The man injured 17 people, with three people being seriously injured, though most injuries were not serious.

One video shared to social media showed a man dressed like the Joker sitting on the train, smoking a cigarette, looking completely calm after the incident before police arrived.

A man, dressed as Batman's The Joker, is seen smoking a cigarette following the Tokyo stabbing.
A man, dressed in a Joker costume, was seen smoking a cigarette on the train, following the attack. Source: NHK

The attacker has only been identified as a 24-year-old man. He was arrested on the spot and was being investigated on suspicion of attempted murder, Japanese news agency NHK said.

Not all of the 17 injured were stabbed. The panic of the attack led to people trying to escape and jumping from the train's windows.

According to NBC News, one man was unconscious after being stabbed. 

The suspect poured a liquid resembling oil from a plastic bottle and set fire, which partially burned seats, after he had stabbed passengers, NHK reported.

Passengers are seen running down a train carriage in Tokyo as a fire burns behind them.
Passengers are seen fleeing after a man wielding a knife started attacking people on a Tokyo train before lighting a fire. Source: Twitter/@siz33

Suspect wanted to kill people to get a death sentence

Television footage showed a number of firefighters, police officials and paramedics rescuing the passengers. 

In one video, passengers were running from another car, where flames were gushing.

Shunsuke Kimura told NHK he saw passengers desperately running and while he was trying to figure out what happened. 

He heard an explosive noise and saw smoke wafting. He also jumped from a window, but fell on the platform and hurt his shoulder.

“Train doors were closed and we had no idea what was happening, and we jumped from the windows,” Kimura said. 

“It was horrifying.”

Witnesses told police the attacker was wearing a bright outfit — a green shirt, a blue suit and a purple coat — like Batman's infamous nemesis, The Joker, according to media reports.

The suspect allegedly told police he wanted to kill at least two people and get a death penalty, and he used an earlier train stabbing case as his inspiration, Nippon Television reported.

Panicked passengers climb through train windows during a stabbing attack in Tokyo.
Passengers were climbing out of the train's windows, trying to escape. Source: Twitter/@siz33

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