Man's amazing reaction to hearing that he's going to get a lung transplant

A sickly man’s shock, disbelief and joy after being told by his family he’s going to receive new lungs has gone viral.

Kevin D’Agostino from Chicago has cystic fibrosis.

But earlier this month, Mr Agostino’s family discovered he had been given the greenlight for a double lung transplant and didn’t waste a minute telling him – announcing the news at 3am while he lay in bed.

The man’s brother, Michael, decided to film him receiving the news and share it on Instagram.

Chicago man Kevin D’Agostino went viral when he was filmed receiving news he was getting a lung transplant. He has cystic fibrosis. Source: Instagram/ Michael D’Agostino

Mr D’Agostino is seen looking confused as his mum says, “You’re getting new lungs, Kevin.”

He then sits up, still shocked.

“No way,” he says, his nose tube coming out.

“No way, mum. Not tonight.”

He’s animated and informed he will undergo surgery later in the morning. Source: Instagram/ Michael D’Agostino

His family sob off-camera.

“Stop it,” he says. “No way, no way.”

His family embrace him as he’s still in disbelief at the news.

Mr D’Agostino’s father informs him he will undergo surgery in the morning.

The man’s mum embraces him in tears. Source: Instagram/ Michael D’Agostino

“No way, I thought I was really low down the list,” he says.

His brother then turns the camera around and smiles.

The video since has more than 14,000 likes. The man’s brother wrote he underwent eight hours of surgery at Loyola University Medical Centre.

Many have commented sharing in the joy of Mr D’Agostino’s good news.

“This makes being a donor worth it right here,” one woman wrote.

He explains he thought he was low down the list of recipients. Source: Instagram/ Michael D’Agostino

“Can’t express how much I love this,” another woman wrote.

Another added his joy had inspired them to become a donor.

Mr D’Agostino’s brother later updated followers with news the man is undergoing a “smooth recovery”.