Revellers almost dancing on the ceiling as roof collapses in Manchester club

A night out has turned into a frightening ordeal for a group of people inside a club in Manchester in the UK.

Patrons on a dance floor have been forced to hold up the ceiling after it fell down on them.

The Manchester Evening News reports the incident happened at the The Factory nightclub on Princess Street, on Sunday morning at about 1.28am (local time) and dancers could be heard screaming as a panel gave way.

Clubbers posted online following the reported collapse. Source: Manchester Editor/ YouTube

A video has surfaced on YouTube, which is reported to have been taken following the collapse.

Also a number of clubbers also took to Twitter to talk about the unusual experience.

Thomas Foster tweeted: "Roof just fell down in Factory Manchester, maybe there is glass in my eye #probably"

"We were all dancing and we just suddenly had this wooden ceiling panel fall on our heads," Mr Foster told The Manchester Evening News.

He said the lights fell onto patrons and people were left standing there holding the panel up.

According to reports no one was injured, but the establishment was evacuated as a precaution.

It is believed no one was hurt during the incident. Source: Manchester Editor/YouTube

It is reportedly not the first time this has happened in the club.

A spokesman for The Factory told the Manchester Evening News: "A section of plasterboard came loose from the first floor. The same section that came loose on this exact weekend two years ago."

The panel collapsed on Sunday morning. Source: Manchester Editor/ YouTube

It is believed the issue only relates to the first floor of the building and that the other areas will remain open while an investigation is underway.

"There is no structural issue so we now need to investigate with contractors how this re-occurred," the spokesperson said.