Man and woman killed in 'frenzied attack' in Brisbane home

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham described how two bodies were discovered at a home in Stretton, south of Brisbane.

Video transcript

ANDREW MASSINGHAM: --this morning, certain information was received [? via ?] [? 000 ?] that an incident had occurred at an address within the street that you are currently within. As a result of that information, a number of police units attended a two-story brick dwelling, where they were met at the front door of that dwelling by a 47-year-old male person. That male person, at that time, unlocked the front door, and was seen to be suffering some injuries to his arms and legs.

Police then ascended the internal staircase of the premises, where they noticed a large amount of blood on the staircase, and immediately upon arrival on the second level of the premises, identified the location of two bodies. One of those bodies is a female that we believe is roughly aged in her 40s, and also a male that we believe is aged roughly in his early 20s. The scene was confronting, has been described as a frenzied attack on the two deceased persons.