Man wins $14 million lottery jackpot TWICE in three years

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Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, so the age-old phrase goes.

But try telling that to Juan Hernandez, who won an impressive $10 million (A$13.9 million) not once but twice in the space of three years this month.

Both his mammoth windfalls, the first in 2019, came via scratch cards, with the New York resident telling officials he is "still trying to spend the [first] $10 million".

The New York Lottery shared an image of Mr Hernandez collecting his latest prize, and while not managing a smile, he's pictured giving a big thumbs up to the camera.

Mr Hernandez claimed his second jackpot in the space of three years. Source: New York Lottery
Mr Hernandez claimed his second jackpot in the space of three years. Source: New York Lottery

He chose to claim his prize in a lump sum, which significantly reduced his winnings to $6,510,000.

The odds of Mr Hernandez's latest win are 3,521,600 to one, with the odds of the combined win exponentially higher.

Earlier this year a man in South Carolina won the lottery twice in just two weeks, albeit with smaller prizes than Mr Hernandez.

Australia's second-biggest jackpot shared

Australians were dreaming of claiming the second-biggest lottery offering in the country last week when the Powerball division one prize rolled over to $120 million.

It was shared by two tickets, the first purchased by a syndicate in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and the second in NSW's Coffs Harbour.

The newsagent responsible for WA's latest big win couldn't hide their excitement, taking to Facebook with a now-deleted post.

"WE F****** DID IT!" they proclaimed.

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