Man who assaulted female school principal fined $1000

A Perth man who pushed a female primary school principal into a wall during a meeting has been ordered to pay her $1000.

The assault was witnessed by a young child and other staff at the school near Rockingham.

Kevin Steele got up close and personal with the principal at his local primary school - but he didn't like being questioned about it by reporters, telling Seven News: "If you come near me, you're going to get dropped!"

Kevin Steele was fined $1000 for assaulting a primary school principal. Source: 7 News

Two years ago, Mr Steele went to East Waikiki Primary School with his ex-partner to talk about her child, who was in Year One.

The 27-year-old man became aggressive and abusive during the meeting.

The incident happened at East Waikiki Primary School. Source: 7 News

Principal Kylie Moss tried to reassure the child, and when Mr Steele began yelling and swearing she asked him to leave the school.

He then pushed her in the chest against a wall.

Outside, he used his shoulder to barge into her, pushing her into another wall.

Principal Kylie Moss was pushed into a wall twice by Mr Steele. Source: 7 News

The magistrate said Mr Steele's behaviour was shameful and distressing.

After entering his guilty plea, Mr Steele then claimed he didn't barge into the principal but brushed past her.

A magistrate called Mr Steele's behaviour

He said the principal and his ex-partner were being aggressive and he was trying to defuse the situation.

He later admitted to the allegations and was fined $1000, which he was ordered to pay to his victim.