Man wants to apologise to paramedic after alleged attack

A Melbourne man who allegedly bashed a paramedic trying to help him has apologised.

Wishwar Seetloo, 25, is now begging for forgiveness and wants to apologise in person.

He said he was intoxicated and does not know what happened.

“I want to say I apologise and I want to say sorry for it,” Mr Seetloo told Seven News.

The 44-year-old paramedic could be off work for two weeks. He was trying to help Mr Seetloo.

Wishwar Seetloo said he wants to apologise after he allegedly bashed a paramedic in Melbourne. Source: 7 News

Mr Seetloo was celebrating the wedding of his cousin on Wednesday night. He drank so much whiskey he became unconscious and began frothing at the mouth.

Paramedics gave him a sedative to calm him down.

Ambulance Victoria’s Mick Stephenson claims the 25-year-old spat at the paramedic and punched him in the face.

“And as he threw the punch at the paramedic, the stretcher tipped over and in catching the stretcher the paramedic injured his back,” Mr Stephenson said. 

The injured paramedic then helped deliver Mr Seetloo to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

When Mr Seetloo woke on Thursday morning, he had his legs and arms restrained. He was discharged later on.

The paramedic has expressed outrage over the quashing of jail terms for two women who attacked two of his colleagues. He has been a paramedic for 14 years.

Mr Seetloo has not been charged over the incident.