Man tried to sneak gun on to plane by disguising it in foil

A man has been arrested for trying to smuggle a gun onto a plane at New York’s JFK International Airport by wrapping the weapon in aluminium foil then putting it inside a DVD player.

The alleged gun owner was trying to board a plane to Mexico on Saturday local time when he was stopped by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers when the firearm was discovered by metal detectors.

The unidentified person from Queens, New York, was charged with weapons violations, according to the TSA.

The man was arrested trying to board a flight to Mexico with the handgun in his luggage. Source: TSA
The gun was reportedly not loaded. Source: TSA

On Twitter, TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein shared a photo of the 9mm handgun still wrapped inside the tin foil with the tweet: “Want to travel with a gun? I can assure you that wrapping it in aluminium foil and then concealing it inside a DVD player isn’t the way to go about it…. C’mon man!”

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