Man throws family possesions out of apartment after argument

Residents of a quiet street in Italy were treated to a spectacular show when an enraged man started to fire his family’s prized possessions out of an apartment window.

Crowds gathered to watch as the 45-year-old man sent paintings, silverware, mirrors and vases crashing down onto the Bari street.

Emergency services eventually cordoned off the road, as object after object smashed down onto the pavement below.

While there is confusion as to what caused the man’s meltdown, a university publication has reported that he was getting revenge after his 60-year-old mother locked him in the apartment to do daily chores.

However the Barin Edita reported that the man’s sudden fit of madness, was the result of a quarrel with his wife.

Either way, one thing was clear, he was certainly one fed up man.

The 45-year-old was reportedly taken to hospital after his very public and amusing display of rage. Luckily nobody else was injured in the incident.

Although this may be one of the best rage-filled acts we have seen, there are plenty more angry outbursts and meltdowns which have been caught on camera for all to see.

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