Man threatens divorce over wife’s new OnlyFans account: ‘I can’t stand the shame’

A husband is leaving his wife after she started an OnlyFans (OF) without his permission.

He explained how things escalated to divorce on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His wife was always active on social media, but when she wanted to start an OnlyFans, an adult online platform, he put his foot down. But that didn’t stop his wife from making the account and embarrassing her 11-year-old daughter in the process.

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“My wife is very into social media and has a couple thousand followers on Instagram,” he wrote. “Her friend mentioned how much she was making on OF and how freeing it was. My wife has always been a free spirit and more open-minded than me so she came to me with the idea of starting an OF and once it got a stable following, she would quit her job. Now I’m strictly against this for two reasons: for my own personal reasons and because we have kids. I told her that I’m uncomfortable dating a sex worker and that our eldest has social media and so do her friends, this would ruin her.”

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The wife was determined to prove him wrong and put a poll on social media to prove she was right.

“My wife wanted to prove me wrong and started a poll on her Insta Stories asking if people would be interested in signing up if she made an account,” the husband explained. “Most said yes. She blocked our daughter there but her friends saw it and already teased her about it. Our daughter screamed at her mother and nasty words were exchanged. They are not talking and this was two weeks ago. My wife went ahead and made the account and already posted some pictures. Yesterday I told her I’m filing for divorce and I’d ask for full custody. I can’t stand the shame and our daughter is heartbroken and being bullied at school. I’m beyond pissed I never thought my life would lead here.”

Reddit users weighed in on the complicated situation.

“It’s a really poor move to just disregard her family like that,” someone commented.

“That’s a massive change to your family’s life that she doesn’t seem to respect,” another wrote.

“The OF count is disrespectful to you, your kids and the marriage,” a user stated.

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