Man test-driving motorbike done for speeding 400m from seller's house

An unlicensed motorcycle rider has been busted by NSW Police speeding more than 60km/h over the limit while going for a test-drive.

The 23-year-old man was caught by Wagga Highway Patrol travelling at 163km/h on Elizabeth Avenue — a 100km/h area — just after 4.30pm on Monday.

Police say they stopped the Honda CBR500 without incident and spoke to the rider, who handed them an ACT car licence.

The man didn’t have a motorcycle riders licence and told officers he was just taking the Honda for a test run before buying it from a friend.

The motorcycle the rider was on when he was caught speeding.
The 23-year-old was taking the motorcycle for a spin before buying it from a friend when he was busted for speeding. Source: NSW Police

Despite claims he holds an international motorcycle licence, the rider copped infringement notices for speeding more than 45km/h over the limit and being unlicensed for the class of vehicle.

His NSW driving privileges were also withdrawn for six months, police said.

Officers declined to apply sanctions as the man was not the owner of the bike.

But it turns out the seller wasn’t far away.

Police said they watched on as the man walked the motorcycle back to the owner’s home just 400 metres away.

Facebook debates – serious offence or bad luck?

The Traffic and Highway Patrol Command for the NSW Police Force posted an image of the man speeding down the rural road to Facebook on Thursday.

One user claimed the rider had committed “a serious offence”, but others noted there didn’t appear to be any other cars on the road, insisting he only put himself at risk.

Police camera footage of rider going 163km/h.
The man was seen travelling at 163km/h. Source: NSW Police

“Got caught within 400 metres. Really bad luck,” one person commented.

“I’d let him go with a fine for over 20km/h or something. Safe road and he will learn his lesson,” another wrote.

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