Man targeted in truckie's racist tirade hits back

A South Australian man racially abused in a vile online rant says he feels sorry for the man responsible and would consider meeting him.

Adelaide truckie Grant Moroney was filmed on a four-minute racial tirade against Port Augusta City Council candidate Sunny Singh. The video features a cardboard cut-out of Mr Singh.

“This is is f****** Australia, ain’t no f****** butter chicken and naan bread here for lunch, you have a f***** corn meat sandwich like the rest of us,” he says. 

He continues with more racial slurs, including telling Mr Singh to “fit in or f*** off”.

Adelaide truckie Grant Moroney (left) was filmed on a four-minute racial tirade abusing Port Augusta candidate Sunny Singh (right). Source: 7 News

The video has more than 100,000 views and is now being investigated by police.

Mr Singh said when he saw the video he “got a little upset”.

The candidate slammed suggestions made by the truckie that he “hasn’t been in the country long” and can’t speak English.

He came to Australia about 10 years ago and has started a family here.

However, he’s left his door open if the Mr Moroney wants to chat.

Mr Singh with his family. Source: 7 News

“That’s all a lot of crap, it’s all lies and he never met me,” Mr Singh said.

“I’m more than happy if he wants to come and see me and sit down and have a chat.

“I feel bad for him.”

Politicians, friends and the public have rallied around Mr Singh.

However, the truckie has been dumped by his transport contractor.

Seven News has attempted to contact him but he has deleted his Facebook page.