Man taken aback by girlfriend’s ‘messed up’ action: ‘A huge invasion of privacy’

Emerald Pellot
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A guy broke up with his girlfriend after Reddit users convinced him she betrayed his trust.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after he discovered his girlfriend made a copy of the key to his apartment without his permission. She gave the key to her little brother so that he could visit whenever he wanted.

“I came home one day after Going to the QuikTrip across the street,” he wrote. “I see [my girlfriend’s] brother is there, I ask him where my girlfriend is, he told me my girlfriend told him he can come anytime (I gave my girlfriend a key to my place and she made a copy for her brother) when he wants to play my console. I told him I never said that and I called my girlfriend. She just said her brother is bored all the time due to quarantine. I told her that was wrong for her to do and to give me my keys back. Her brother gave [me] the key his sister gave him and he was apologetic. But I told him it wasn’t his fault and he can finish his game. My girlfriend gave me my key back and she’s been distant the last few days.” 

Users agreed that what the man’s girlfriend did crossed a line.

“If she can’t understand that it is a huge invasion of your privacy and betrayal of your trust, I can only hope she just never learned better,” one person wrote.

“[It’s] messed up that she did that without bothering to even talk to you,” another said.

“I would break up if my partner violated my trust like this,” someone else commented

After readers shared their thoughts, the user revealed he broke up with his girlfriend.

“I tried talking to her and she refused to admit she did anything wrong. After reading a lot of comments I broke up with her,” the user said in a follow-up.

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