Why this man in a suit was paddleboarding across the Hudson River

A woman was on her way to work when she caught a peculiar sight during her morning commute – a man dressed in a suit paddleboarding across a river.

It started off as a regular morning on June 21 when Eunice Rivers caught a New York Waterway ferry to get to work.

During her ride she spotted a man, wearing a suit and dress shoes, paddleboarding down the Hudson River with briefcase in tow.

A man dressed in a suit was caught paddleboarding across the river. Source: Eunice Rivers via Stortyful

She recorded the bizarre sight on her phone and shared it on social media.

“Everybody was just laughing,” Ms Rivers told News 4 New York.

“People just couldn’t believe it.”

He was identified as 32-year-old Jersey City man Scott Holt who said he was running late for a meeting in New York City, so he paddled to get there faster.

The trip only took him about half an hour to complete, and he made it on time and managed to stay dry.