Man slapped with $925 fine for riding unusual Aussie vehicle

A Victorian man was slapped with a $925 fine for riding a very unusual, but very Australian, item.

Victoria's Highway Patrol Solo unit nabbed a 20-year-old man from Diamond Creek, in Melbourne's northeast, riding a motorised esky on a dirt track in Lake Eildon.

After the man was intercepted by Highway Patrol on Friday, he was issued an infringement notice for using an unregistered vehicle and slapped with the $925 fine.

A Victorian man was busted riding a motorised esky on a dirt track. Source: Victoria Police
A Victorian man was busted riding a motorised esky on a dirt track. Source: Victoria Police

There have been quite a few incidents in Australia with people riding motorised eskies.

In 2015, a motorised esky was impounded in South Australia after a 26-year-old man was caught riding the unregistered "novelty" vehicle.

In 2017, a man admitted to drink driving and taking his friend's petrol-powered esky for a spin in Sydney's south.

You can buy motorised eskies online for upwards of $600, however, you cannot use them on Australian roads.

Mitsubishi driver caught without L plates

Victoria Police's recent esky bust happened on the same day the Highway Patrol stopped a driver on Walshs Road at Lake Eildon.

After the motorised esky incident, a 21-year-old man from Hoppers Crossing was spoken to by police for failing to display his L-plates. He was an unaccompanied learner driver.

The Mitsubishi Triton 4WD was defective for oversized tyres, excessive suspension life and illegal lighting fitted to the roof of the vehicle.

The car was impounded, so the 21-year-old was stuck with a towing fine of $1865 and it is expected the driver will be charged.

The impounds were related to Operation Scoreboard, which police launched ahead of the extra long weekend in Victoria.

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