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Man slammed for 'act of lunacy' on busy Sydney motorway

Radio host Ray Hadley was gobsmacked by a man's death-defying act to retrieve his shoes from a busy Sydney highway.

In a dashcam clip shared by Hadley's Sydney radio station 2GB on Monday, a man can be seen standing at the edge of the M4 motorway. Suddenly he spots a gap in traffic and makes a daring dash forward.

As the car with the dashcam approaches the man picks up the shoe off the bitumen and retreats back towards the median strip.

The driver on the road picking up his shoes.
The driver was caught running onto Sydney's M4 motorway to pick up his shoes. Source: Facebook (Facebook)

“[He’s] grabbed the shoes and from what I can see in the video he’s about to duck back off the road to the right and then obviously he’s going to make his way across three lanes of traffic back to his car,” Hadley told his 2GB audience.

“I mean, we could have been talking about a bloke just absolutely on a slab somewhere in the morgue. I mean you see some acts of lunacy but that goes down as one of the worst I’ve seen this year.”

‘Feet of bravery’

Social media users were left astounded at the driver’s actions for the sake of a pair of shoes.

“He’s got the brain size of a kumquat,” one person wrote. “Scale of one to 10 of disdain and hatred of this Muppet,” another added, “9.995.”

While others made light of the incident.

“Amazing FEET of bravery,” joked someone. “Maybe he did a RUNNER, WELL BOOTS did he go after that? Maybe all a CROC of you know what? He may have got it all THONG!”

“Those look like real comfy shoes man,” another added.

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