Man shares heartbreak after baby boy fatally 'stomped on' by 10-year-old girl

A father whose six-month-old son was allegedly killed by a young girl has opened up about the heartache.

Nate Liedl’s son Jaxon died on November 1 – two days after police allege a 10-year-old dropped him and stomped on his head at a day care centre which also serves as a foster home in Chippewa falls, in the US state of Wisconsin, ABC 7 reports.

According to the Leader-Telegram, the 10-year-old told authorities she dropped the baby and panicked, and when he began to cry she stomped on his head.

She was staying at the foster home and was inside alone where Jaxon was sleeping while others were outside playing when the incident took place.

When Mr Leidl arrived at the day care centre on October 30 he saw an ambulance in the driveway and hoped his own child was not hurt.

Sadly, it was his son inside the emergency vehicle.

The father travelled behind the ambulance to a local hospital, without knowing Jaxon’s condition, before they were airlifted to another facility.

The chid was allegedly injured by a young girl on October 30, and died two days later. Source: ABC7

The father noticed encouraging signs that the young boy may recover over the following days, and then when discussion about organ donation began the father said he was caught off guard, according to local media.

“They told me the swelling had gotten too much, and there was nothing more they could do,” the father told the Leader-Telegram.

“It turned real quick. It really hit me hard.”

The father hopes people remember Jaxon as a smiley baby. Source: ABC7

The grieving father, who said he waited 37 years for his own little baby boy, is hoping people remember his son as a happy baby.

“I was extremely lucky because he didn’t cry, no fussing, he was happy smiles all the time,” Mr Liedl told ABC 7.

A 10-year-old girl charged over the death appeared in court on November 5.

She is due to return to court again on December 11.