Man ties a noose around ex-wife's neck and drags her across town in his car

A man who tied a noose around the neck of his ex-wife, and dragged her around town in his car in Germany while their two-year-old son sat behind him, has been jailed for 14 years.

Gatestone Institute, an international policy council and think tank, reports 39-year-old Turkish-born Nurettin B. attempted to murder Kader K, 28, (full names withheld) after she asked him to provide financial support for their son.

State Prosecutor Ann-Kristin Fröhlich told a Hanover court he “plunged a knife into her chest” from the boot of his car after the pair got into an argument on November 20, 2016.

“Nurettin B. then pulls out the axe,” she said.

Nurettin B. (left) with ex-wife Kader K. (right). Source: CEN

“With the blunt side he hits her head and upper body, cracking her skull.

"Then he grabs the rope.

“On one end he ties a gibbet knot around her neck, then he ties the other end to the trailer hitch on the back of his black VW Passat.

“Nurettin B. steps on the gas.

The woman was reportedly in a coma for weeks after the attack. Source: CEN

“He races through the streets at 80 km/h.”

The court heard the only reason the woman survived was the rope broke after 208 metres.

Nurettin B. then drove to the police station to turn himself in.

Kader K., who was in a coma for weeks after the attack and suffered serious injuries, told the court the pair were married at an Islamic sharia wedding in 2013 and her husband prohibited her from having any contact with friends and family.

Source: CEN

She said she was not allowed to have a phone.

According to the Mail Online, Nurettin B. apologised to Kader K. in court saying he was “infinitely sorry,” but she refused to look at him.

The pair had reportedly separated in 2015.

Her lawyer, Roman von Alvensleben, told the court it was an “absolute miracle” that she was alive and that her son had suffered severe psychiatric trauma from he attack.

The judge said Nurettin B.’s ‘out dated’ views on women had ‘no place in modern times.’

He was sentenced to 14 years prison and had to pay his ex-wife more than AU$170,000 in compensation.

She reportedly suffered brain damage and will need years of therapy to recover from her injuries.