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Man sentenced after assaulting woman over six weeks

According to him, they were love slaps.

Over six weeks, the man committed 12 acts of violence on his partner.

He hit her with the back of his hand. He delivered upper cuts to her jaw. He choked her.

"It's getting to the point where I just want to kill you c***, but I love you," he told her after an assault outside a Brisbane bottle shop in February 2022.

When the 27-year-old woman took out a protection order, he broke into her house - twice.

On the first occasion, he climbed in through a window about 2am.

The woman was "scared and worried about setting him off", Brisbane District Court heard on Monday.

"He told her that he loved her and he did not bash her that hard and it was more of a love slap," crown prosecutor Annica Fritz said.

"He squeezed her throat with his hand and said 'you know I f***ing love you'."

About a week later he broke in again.

The woman returned home to find the man inside after he had forced his way in by damaging a door.

Reminded that he wasn't meant to be there due to the protection order, the man told her he was risking his freedom for her.

Judge Michael Byrne said it was an example of the man's "overbearing attitude".

"You are not the victim in this," he told the 25-year-old man.

The man and woman began a relationship in November 2021, the court heard.

Two months later he started hitting her.

There was a "continuing period of domestic violence" from January 12 to February 20 2022.

The man was on probation at the time.

On one occasion he pinned her down with his hands around her throat after a disagreement about what she was wearing.

He then punched her, giving her a bloody nose.

"He threw some make-up wipes at her and said 'clean yourself up c***, you're f***ing disgusting'," Ms Fritz told the court.

On February 1, they had an argument in the car and he punched her in the head and face up to six times.

Four days later was the assault outside the bottle shop when he gave an upper cut to her jaw and put his hands around her throat.

A protection order was made soon afterwards, but he contravened it by breaking into her house twice in the space of eight days.

He had six previous domestic violence order contraventions in his six-page criminal history, all against another woman.

Since an August 2018 District Court armed robbery sentence, he had committed 28 offences including 25 while on parole, Ms Fritz said.

Defence barrister Daniel Boddice said the man had a prejudicial upbringing, witnessing his mother - a drug addict - being physically and sexually abused.

The man pleaded guilty to 15 offences including five assault occasioning bodily harm and six common assault charges.

He received three-and-a-half years in jail and is immediately eligible for parole, with 378 days in custody declared time served.

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