'Used for a football': Man savages Australia Post over state of parcel

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

An Australia Post customer has unleashed on the delivery service after a parcel arrived partially collapsed and with rips and gaping holes in it.

The man claimed he paid $64 to have two motorbike shocks and springs sent from Sydney to Tasmania, saying the items were “wrapped tight with bubble wrap and newspaper” in a post to Facebook.

He told Yahoo News Australia the parcel was sent on April 17 and arrived on May 6, but hardly in the condition he was expecting it to arrive in.

“At a cost of $64 you expect your items to be handled with some kind of due care and attention,” he said.

He was adamant the “items were wrapped and packaged sufficiently prior to postage”, but when the parcel arrived, he said it looked like it had been “used for a football”.

The customer said they paid $64 to have this parcel delivered to Victoria from Sydney. Source: Facebook

After sharing his frustration to a Facebook group on Monday, others were quick to chime in with their own thoughts on the matter, many suggesting Australia Post wasn’t entirely to blame.

Several people said it was the sender’s fault that the package arrived in such a poor state, accusing them of using a box not capable of withstanding pressure from other parcels.

“Not good. But poorly packed. Especially with heavy items rolling around inside. I would be complaining to the sender,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Sorry to say but It was badly packed for something that heavy mate. Of course the box and light weight paper will squash when other parcels are put on top of something like that,” another said.

Someone else argued the condition of the package was the fault of handlers and not the packer.

“Looks like an Australia Post gorilla has grabbed the parcel by the strapping and flung it into the back of a truck. I wonder if Australia Post even teach their workforce manual handling techniques?,” they wrote.

The Australia Post box was partially collapsed and had gaping holes. Source: Facebook

Others argued that while it could have been packed better, no parcel should be delivered in the condition of the box pictured.

“Regardless of who is at fault, that definitely should not have been delivered in that condition. A document of damage report should have been taped to the box from your local sorting facility or at best as I said above, it should not have been delivered,” someone else said.

The original poster agreed, arguing it was difficult to understand why Australia Post thought it was OK to deliver a package in such a state.

“How does it end up looking like this in the first place?,” they wrote.

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia customers unsatisfied with their service should contact the company directly.

“While the vast majority of our mail and parcels arrive safely and on time, customers who feel that has not happened are encouraged to contact us on 13POST so we can look into it further for them,” the spokesperson said.

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