Man robs $12,000 from two banks using an avocado

A man has been arrested accused of robbing two banks using an avocado.

The 47-year-old allegedly robbed two banks in Beershaba, Israel, in the past month using a piece of fruit, The Times of Israel reports.

According to 112 News, he handed a cashier at one of the banks a note asking her to hand over cash. He then threatened her with a ‘grenade’.

The man holds up a bank in Israel with an avocado. He claimed it was a grenade after painting the fruit green. Source: Israel Police

The grenade was actually a piece of fruit he had painted black.

It’s alleged he performed the same act at another bank a few days later.

He’s accused of stealing more than A$12,000 in total, but was arrested after police tracked him down using his phone.

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