Man's bizarre reading method on plane: 'Strangely brilliant'

While some travellers have adopted e-readers over books as a space-saving method, one man has taken a different approach: ripping out the page after he's read it and throwing it in the bin.

A TikTok video showing a man doing just that has the internet both confused and awed, with some labelling the move "genius" and others declaring it "concerning".

In the video, the man is sitting in an aisle seat of the plane reading a book intently. However, instead of turning the page as one would traditionally do, he rips the page out of the book, folds it up and stuffs it in the plastic cup on the seat next to him.

Screenshots from the TikTok of the man was filmed ripping out the pages of the book once he had read them and putting them in a plastic cup.
The man was filmed ripping out the pages of the book once he had read them. Source: TikTok/ sidney/kp

TikTokers attempt to get to the bottom of the man's motive

The move baffled TikTok users, with many joking he was 'gatekeeping' whatever knowledge he was acquiring through the book.

"So when he says he finished the book he really means it," one TikTok user joked.

"Why does that kinda make sense though," another wrote, while someone joked he "loves reading but hates books".

Others saw the appeal in ripping out each page once it was read.

"I saw this and thought hmm maybe that would motivate me to read, the tear would be fun to do, a little treat after each page," one user mused.

"Hikers do this sometimes to save weight and space," another pointed out.

Some theorised the book was old and probably falling apart, hence why he was ripping out the pages anyway.

"It’s because the book spine is damaged and the glue isn’t holding it together," a user said. "This happened to me and every few pages they would fall off."

It's not known what airline the passengers were travelling on or what novel the man was reading.

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