'Creepy' find in grave disrupts funeral at Sydney cemetery

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

A funeral service in Sydney’s southwest has come to a standstill after a “creepy” find in a grave.

Reptile Relocation Sydney’s Cory Kerewaro told Yahoo News Australia he was called to a cemetery on Thursday morning after a snake was discovered in a fresh open grave.

“I asked them, ‘how long until the service?’” Mr Kerewaro said.

“They said, ‘[the casket] is about to go in’.”

Cory Kerewaro was called to a Sydney cemetery during a burial after a snake was found in a grave. Source: Facebook/ Reptile Relocation Sydney

Mr Kerewaro discovered a red-bellied black snake had fallen into the grave.

“They were upset and a tad distracted by it,” he said.

“I tried to be as respectful, got in the grave and got the snake out as quickly as possible so they could lay their loved one to rest.”

Mr Kerwaro said he tried to remove the snake as quickly as possible so the service could continue. Source: Facebook/ Reptile Relocation Sydney

He added the snake wasn’t aggressive but was quite alert as to what was going on.

“It wasn’t too bad,” he said.

Mr Kerewaro said the service resumed as soon as he removed the serpent.

On Facebook people were amazed by the find.

“Lucky, as I think as you were in grave danger,” one man wrote.

Others called the find “a bit spooky” and “creepy”.

While red-bellied blacks are venomous they generally aren’t an aggressive species.

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