Man recalls 'bizarre' samurai sword runner

Greta Stonehouse
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A man has described to a jury the "bizarre" sight of his "thoroughly unpleasant neighbours" chasing a man along a Sydney street with a samurai sword.

Thomas Scott and his girlfriend were walking home to inner-city Forest Lodge on August 10, 2018, when they noticed someone "piss-bolting down the street," he told the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

Mr Scott then saw a woman in "extremely fast and extremely angry" pursuit who appeared dishevelled like she had just jumped out of bed, and was yelling aggressively "who are you bro" multiple times.

"Looked like a sketchy scenario," he said.

Mr Scott remembers a third man holding a decorative samurai sword he had seen displayed opposite his home, after making "much mockery of it" in the past.

"They were thoroughly unpleasant neighbours," he said.

Hannah Quinn, 26, and Blake Davis, 31, have pleaded not guilty to murdering Jett McKee after he allegedly burst into the couple's home and demanded money.

Quinn also denies the charge of being an accessory after the fact to murder.

The 30-year-old Sydney rapper wanted to rob drug dealers to feed his gambling addiction and had been using the drug ice, crown prosecutor Chris Taylor earlier told the court.

The Crown has alleged the pair chased Mr McKee about 100 metres down the street before Quinn pulled him to the ground and Davis struck his head with a samurai sword.

Mr Scott recalled Davis' "weird stance" like something he had seen in a movie, while running and holding the sword with two hands out diagonally in front of him.

Mr Scott said he thought he was seeing a viral YouTube clip to the tune of Yakety Yak, with its performers being chased around a car park.

"It was a comical scene ... it was absurd," he said.

"He was in his undies as well, so it was even more bizarre."

He described Davis wearing dark boxer shorts, and he and Quinn were barefoot.

Not long after Mr Scott had arrived back home to his apartment and lit a cigarette on his balcony, he saw the couple returning the other way.

After watching "their heads bobbing up and down" he saw them enter through their sliding door before leaving shortly after and jumping over the back fence and "fleeing".

He remembers thinking it was strange after assuming they had "busted" the man who appeared scared as if he'd been caught doing something wrong.

He said the woman was holding a "flimsy bag" small enough for a lip gloss, while his girlfriend remarked the man had blood on his face.

Quinn's case is that she was chasing after McKee who had stolen her handbag, but when she caught up to him he threatened her with a gun.

Mr Scott said he never saw a gun.

The trial continues.