Man rams 'stolen car' outside cop station

It was likened to a scene from a TV show.

As a colleague gave chase on foot, Stephen James Chadwick tried to stop what he believed was a stolen car by driving into it outside a Queensland police station.

Chadwick, 30, was on Tuesday taken to task for his "vigilante hooliganism" after CCTV footage was shown in Brisbane District Court of his vehicle ramming the car in September 2019.

"You are really now a mature man who should have well and truly grown up," Judge Michael Burnett said.

"This sort of behaviour is the sort of stuff you see on television. It's make believe - it's not how the real world works."

Chadwick and his colleague jumped in a car and pursued the vehicle they believed was stolen when it drove past north of Brisbane after recognising the two occupants.

By about 7am, Chadwick stopped at an intersection near Burpengary police station and his colleague got out to run toward the other vehicle.

The police station's CCTV footage captured the moment Chadwick's vehicle then mounts the curb and collides with the other car after it swerved to avoid the colleague.

Defence barrister Kerala Drew said Chadwick had pursued what he believed was a stolen car for some time before making a split second decision to try to stop it when he saw they were near a police station.

"That in no way excuses my client's behaviour but that is the context in which he chose to make this foolish decision," she said.

When police visited Chadwick a few days later there was a vehicle parked outside with a damaged bull bar.

Chadwick told them it was the other vehicle that had intentionally collided with his car even after officers revealed there was CCTV footage of the incident, the court heard.

"Once being told of the CCTV you ought to have worked out that the game was up but no, you pressed on with a series of lies," Judge Burnett said.

Chadwick has been in custody since November 2021 after failing to abide with bail obligations since his arrest, the court heard.

Judge Burnett described Chadwick's traffic history as "appalling" after the court heard the 30-year-old's licence had been suspended on six previous occasions - four times in 2020 alone.

Chadwick on Tuesday pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a vehicle and was sentenced to 430 days in jail.

He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.

However, Chadwick's 430 days spent in custody was declared time served.

He is on remand for other matters.

"Your belief was that the vehicle was being driven unlawfully but nonetheless it is not your role to take matters into your own hands," Judge Burnett said.

"This is almost vigilante hooliganism."