Man 'punches huge 158kg predator' to save beloved dog

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A man has fought off an enormous wild bear to save his pet dog.

Kaleb Benham, from Grass Valley in the US state of California, told CBS13 he realised his pitbull, Buddy, had been attacked by a wild animal on November 26.

Mr Benham watched his dog playing off a nearby road outside his house when a large bear grabbed Buddy’s head in its jaws and began dragging him away.

Kaleb Benham pictured with his pit bull, Buddy.
Kaleb Benham saved his dog, Buddy, from a bear. Source: Facebook/ Kaleb Benham

“Honestly the only thing I could think of was, ‘Save my baby’,” Mr Bentham told CBS13.

Buddy’s owner said he tackled the bear, and began hitting it in the face and eye until it let go of his dog.

The bear eventually released Buddy, but Mr Benham still feared his dog was going to die.

He managed to find a vet and watched on for three-and-a-half hours as doctors attended to the dog’s wounds.

Buddy, a rescue dog, is doing okay and has since been released from the vet.

Mr Benham said the bear continued to stalk the house though.

He estimated it weighed about 158kg.

A pack of bears are pictured.
Some of the bears seen roaming around nearby. Source: Ben Nuckolls via CBS

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