Man asks girlfriend to tattoo him, surprises her with marriage proposal

A US woman got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend proposed to her via a tattoo on his leg.

Colorado man Vinny Capaldo-Smith, 30, asked his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, 23, to ink a simple heart on his leg - before revealing a secret tattoo he had on his upper thigh that read "Will you marry me?"

It also had boxes with yes or no written next to it for Wodark to fill in.

Brooke Wodark said she was completely caught off guard. Photo: Facebook / Brooke Wodark

Shocked and surprised, she ticked yes through her tears of joy.

Wodark told US ABC News she had never drawn a tattoo on someone before.

"It was nerve-racking because you’re about to put a needle in somebody," she said.

Capaldo-Smith had a tattoo drawn on him the day before. Photo: Instagram / vinnypxpx

The special moment was caught on camera as the duo sat in a tattoo shop.

“I had no idea. In my mind I was just scared to tattoo in general,” Wodark said.

“He told me I was going to tattoo a heart on his ankle and I was freaking out. When he whipped out the ring I just started crying. I looked at it for a second and I was like, ‘No way. Are you kidding? That’s not a real tattoo.’”

Capaldo-Smith said he drew inspiration for the tattoo from his childhood.

“It was an idea from elementary school from when you pass somebody a note to check off the boxes,” he said.

Wodark happily ticked the 'yes' box. Photo: Facebook / Brooke Wodark

“She drew it one night at dinner on a paper tablecloth, and I took a picture of it that night.”

Wodark said she was completely caught off guard.

“I really didn’t see this coming at all which, looking back, I should have maybe expected a tattoo of some sort,” she said.

“I had no idea it was going to happen that day. I was just over-the-top ecstatic. It was everything I ever wanted and more.”