Stunning detail in field emerges in Google Maps image

A German man’s marriage proposal got a bigger audience than he had planned after it showed up on an aerial picture used by Google Maps.

The German news agency dpa reported Wednesday that 32-year-old part-time farmer Steffen Schwarz used a machine to plant a field of corn in such a way that the gaps spelled out the words “Will you marry me”.

Mr Schwarz says he got his girlfriend to fly a drone over the field last May in Huettenberg after he complained of seeing wild boars on the property in central Germany.

The huge question appeared on the outskirts of Hornsheim. Source: Google Maps
Mr Schwarz' wife-to-be spotted the question using a drone. Source: Google Maps

"At first she couldn't see it [the proposal] because the drone wasn't flying high enough. But when she realised, she said yes immediately," he told local news site

Mr Schwarz told dpa he hadn’t intended or expected the image to appear on Google’s popular mapping service until an aunt in Canada pointed it out to him.

Schwarz and his fiancée plan to marry in June.

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