Man pretending to be cop arrested after pulling over undercover officer

A man accused of pretending to be a police officer has been arrested after attempting to pull over an undercover detective.

Matthew Erris, 26, of Florida, had red and blue lights on the grill of his car and it’s alleged on Tuesday he used them trying to pull over a man, police said.

But the man was an undercover detective and he ignored the lights.

Matthew Erris, 26, was arrested after allegedly trying to pull over an undercover detective while pretending to be a police officer. On the right is a picture of a pistol found in his car. Source: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

He then called police to inform them of an unusual traffic stop. Erris was subsequently arrested.

It’s alleged after searching the 26-year-old’s car a realistic airsoft pistol was found, and he had a lightbar installed on the roof.

Erris's car which appears to have fake police lights installed. Source: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

It’s not known if Erris has done this in the past but he was released on $2800 bail.

He’s been charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer.

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