Man who posed as cop jailed over 'pure evil' rapes

Ten months before Theodoros Tsalkos posed as a cop to kidnap and rape two girls in his car, he abducted and assaulted another female while driving a taxi.

However, it took Victorian police more than three decades to charge Tsalkos, now aged 61, with raping the two girls.

He was jailed for up to 13 years and six months on Tuesday, over the "sadistic and vile" crimes he committed on two young sex workers, who were then aged 15 and 16.

"What you did was pure evil," County Court Judge Rosemary Carlin said.

Tsalkos, who was found guilty by a jury in 2022 of kidnapping, rape and gross indecency with a person under 16, was aged 25 when he pretended to be an undercover cop to pick up the two girls in St Kilda in 1987.

He held them captive in his car and raped them over several hours.

After raping and assaulting the girls near Elwood, they begged for him to drop them at their friend's house in St Kilda.

But he refused, threatened to arrest them and said he wanted to "teach prostitutes a lesson", driving them to a dark toilet block in Balaclava where he continued to rape them, the court heard.

Judge Carlin said his victims were vulnerable children who had only ventured into sex work days before he attacked them.

"Within moments of meeting them, you recognised that they were young and naive and took advantage of the situation by pretending to be a policeman and threatening to charge them," she said.

"Your offending clearly warrants a substantial term of imprisonment. Your crimes were sadistic and vile and the ramifications for your victims were long-lasting."

The police investigation had stalled for more than 30 years until advancements in DNA testing allowed frozen samples to be tested, she said.

Judge Carlin said his moral culpability was increased as he had committed similar crimes 10 months earlier.

He kidnapped, assaulted and made sexual advances towards a woman in 1986, but was not convicted for it until 1989. He was handed a 12-month sentence, which was suspended for nine months.

Tsalkos must serve eight years and two months in prison before he will be eligible for parole. He will registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.