Man 'performs sex act' on woman as she holds can of lager on beach

A couple shocked onlookers as they appeared to perform a highly-public sex act on a UK beach.

The pair stunned families who had gathered to enjoy the sun at the beach near Brighton, in the south of England.

The woman was seen laying naked on her back holding a can of lager, as her partner appeared to be performing a sex act on her.

One stunned onlooker told the Argus: “I was a little taken aback and quite shocked I had to do a double-take and looked around to see if anyone was seeing what I was seeing.

"They went at it for a few minutes, then stopped and cuddled for a bit, then kept going.

A man shocked families when he performed a "sex act" on a women at a popular beach. Source: Getty

"The woman was looking around to make sure nobody was watching.”

Local Conservative councillor Dawn Barnett said the couple’s public lewd act was “bloody disgusting”.

She said: “I don't care what goes on behind bedroom doors, but on the seafront in view of families and kids, what is the matter with these human beings?”

"I think they ought to be caught and fined to make them think twice.

"For them to do that at the height of the summer where we've got kids, parents and old people on the beach, who wants to sit and watch that?”

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