Man on a mission to paint fallen Aussie soldiers

Kay McGrath

A Queenslander is on a mission to give back to families who've lost sons in Afghanistan.

Jason Swain plans to paint a portrait of each Australian solidiers who has died on the battlefield.

He's painted President Obama and last year, he created a piece of work on Daniel Morcombe for Denise and Bruce.

Now from his home in Washington, Jason Swain is working on portraits of Australians killed in Afghanistan.

"The fella you see over shoulder is Aussie soldier Todd Langley. Unfortunately he was killed in action," Jason said.

Todd's parents live in Western Australia. Yesterday they paid tribute to their son and his fallen comrades.

Knowing someone cares enough to paint a picture of Todd has touched them deeply.

"It made my day when he said he would do it, it did - it made my day, I thought 'how lovely'," Todd’s mother said.

Portrait of fallen soldierTodd Langley. Painted by Jason Swain.

Todd Langley's portrait is just the beginning. His parents want to help Jason raise funds so other families can have their own lasting tribute.

Jason needs donations to frame and freight his portraits to Australia.

"I want to paint the rest of the diggers that were lost in the Middle East conflict and get them to their families as my tribute to the guys that have aid the ultimate price," Jason said.

That will be no easy task - sadly since Australia’s mission in Afghanistan began, the number of soldiers killed in the line of duty has risen to 39.

Some of Jason Swain's recent work includes this painting of Daniel Morcombe.