Couple 'mortified' by neighbours' note about loud sex

Kristine Tarbert
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A man has been left "mortified" after receiving a handwritten note from a neighbour complaining about hearing loud sex noises.

In short, the note, which was shared on Twitter, asks the man to "fix your bed", pointing out that the apartment walls are "very thin".

note he received from his neighbours about loud sex
A man shared the note he received from his neighbours online. Photo: Twitter

"Could you please fix you bed?" the note begins.

"The walls are very tin in this building and we don't really want to know when you are having sex.

"This issue concerns a few flats. Many thanks in advance!

"Your neighbours."

The man shared the note on social media writing "I. Am. Mortified." and his tweet has since gone viral being liked over 22K times.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

The man later confirmed in a comment on his post: "I don't have a squeaky bed, it's the headboard getting slammed into the wall."


Some told him not to worry about doing anything.

"Naw...keep it up....let them hear how its supposed to be done/accomplished...maybe they will learn something...considering the walls are thin and its silence coming from there flat," was one response.

His tweet also sparked others to share their own awkward encounters with neighbours over X-rated activities.

One person said they had nicknamed their loud neighbours "Shagnoises", while another revealed they had even changed the WiFi network name to "flat3.wecanhearyouhavingsex."

Kids covering their ears from the noise
People told him not to worry. Photo: Giphy

Things took a more sombre turn when one person revealed such a complaint actually helped them find out their partner was cheating.

"I had a neighbour knock on my door and complain about my noisy sex over the previous weekend. I'd been away, that's how I found out he was cheating," they wrote.

"Upon my realisation my neighbour gave me a hug and cooked me dinner with his family, it was an act of such kindness I'll never forget."

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