Man may have burns after Ibrahim shooting

A man believed to be involved in the Sydney shooting of Ibrahim family bodyguard Semi "Tongan Sam" Ngata may have suffered burns to his arms and face as a group set fire to a getaway car, police say.

Ngata, 59, was shot in the back at a Merrylands home on the night of November 17, where the family of the Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim was making last-minute preparations for a weekend wedding.

Police carried out several searches around the two-storey home of John Ibrahim's mother, where the wedding was held, since the shooting.

Two guns found in the backyard of an unoccupied property nearby are undergoing forensic and ballistic examination, police said Thursday.

It's also believed up to five people in four getaway vehicles may have been involved in the incident.

Police say a man may have sustained burns when one of the getaway cars - a stolen dark blue WRX - was torched on the nearby Rees Street in Mays Hill shortly after the shooting.

Along with the stolen WRX, police are looking for a white Toyota Hilux, a silver Toyota Corolla hatchback, and a small white hatchback with P-plates - that could be linked to the incident.

Police are appealing for anyone who recognises the people or vehicles in the video footage to contact them.

"The vision depicts at least six people on Rees Street with the vehicles, then one car leaves and the WRX is set on fire, and we later see the Hilux further down the street after the WRX is well-alight," Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace said in a statement on Thursday.

"Given the size of the initial flame and the position of the person lighting it, we believe they may have sustained burns to the hands and arms, and possibly the face."

Nagata is one of the Ibrahims' most-trusted figures, having previously been described by John Ibrahim as "a brother" to the family, and the so-called 'code of silence' associated with underworld shootings has frustrated the investigation.

The November wedding was between John Ibrahim's nephew Hassan "Sam" Sayour marriage to Aisha, the sister of Salim Mehajer.