How man lost a 'life-changing' amount of weight

David Dawson
Mr Dawson went from 24 stone to under 14 [BBC]

A Boston United football fan has lost more than 10 stone by joining a football fat loss scheme.

David Dawson, from Spilsby, dropped from 24 stone to under 14.

He joined the Man Vs Fat scheme which uses football as an incentive to lose weight by counting weight loss as goals in the game.

Mr Dawson said reaching a healthy body mass index was “life changing” for him.

Mr Dawson had been trying to lose weight for some time and had tried all different kinds of diets. He joined up to the scheme in Boston in November 2022.

Since then, he said: “I've managed to lose about 10 1/2 stone. So I’m at 67 kilos (147lbs), which is obviously sort of life changing. I've hit my healthy BMI now. ”

Mr Dawson describes himself as a competitive person and said that gave him extra incentive.

He said being a big Boston United fan also helped, adding: “It's the sort of accountability and motivation that I think I needed, that I've struggled to have in the past in terms of really sticking to a diet.”

“I love playing football, but I would never really have a chance to play because I'm not that good, you know, I was never going to get into a team or anything.”

Now he says the challenge will be to keep the weight off:

“They're not pushing me out the door and I don't think I'm ready to go just yet but at some point I'll give my spot to someone who wants to start their own journey”.

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