Man learns lesson in Karma after he kicks his cat

A man has been dished up a lesson in Karma after he kicked his cat off a chair so he could sit down.

The cat quickly runs for it as the man sits down to play his guitar.

However, as the cat darts up the staircase behind the man's chair, he knocks over a pot plant which lands directly on the man's head.


This man is far from the first viral sensation to become an online favourite for the swift response to people asking for trouble.

Sometimes the subjects of these videos are ordinary humans making bad decisions, sometimes they're dedicated criminals making even worse decisions.

Sometimes ever Mother Nature gets her revenge in swift and gloriously hilarious fashion.

Cyclist learns lesson in Karma

Thugs pick a fight with the wrong man

This is the shocking moment two young men appeared to pick on the wrong person - an ex-boxer who showed them he hadn't forgotten how to throw a punch.

High speed chase goes right

This Australian man thought it might be a good idea to run through a police breath test. His next wave of inspiration involved filming and commentate on the inevitable pursuit. The police, unsurprisingly, were unimpressed when they caught up.

Bag snatcher misses his mark

Criminals are great, especially the impulsive ones. This Western Australian crook might have had better luck if he'd scouted the exact location of the doors before he stole a woman's bag and crashed full-steam into a glass pane.

Road rage reaches a predictable conclusion

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Robbers pick the wrong pub

It seemed so simple - run into a Sydney pub, point weapons at the staff and escape with the cash. It would almost have been the perfect crime if 50 bikies weren't holding a meeting in the next room.

Impatient driver comes to abrupt halt

Under-taking at high speed in busy traffic is never a good idea. Forget out-running the police, even the road infrastructure became part of the justice system for this Russian speedster.

Are you trying to make a monkey out of me?

Apparently karma - or perhaps revenge - are not just human concepts. A shimla monkey served up his own street justice to a tourist who flipped him the bird