How a man knocked 15 years off his mortgage

Adrian Sheahan came across an offer he couldn’t refuse – one that would help him pay off his mortgage in record time.

Interest rates are historically low, but Mr Sheahan found a loan with an interest rate of just two per cent, knocking at least 15 years off his mortgage.

“It enables me to pay my home loan off quicker, so every dollar I put in is going more towards reducing the debt, rather than paying interest on the home loan,” he told 7 News.

Mr Sheahan’s interest loan is called a loan reducer or pivot loan, where interest rates on mortgages can be as little as two per cent.

Adrian Sheahan says he’s knocked more than 15 years off his mortgage. Source: 7 News

Property expert Chris Gray said this had to be the only two per cent home loan around. 

“Most interest rates on home loans are about three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half per cent, maybe even higher,” he said.

Despite it sounding too good to be true, this low interest loan is not available to everybody and there is a catch.

“This is around for anyone who has a home loan and they’ve got an investment loan at the same time,” Mr Gray said.

It works by shifting interest from someone’s home loan, which is not tax deductible, then adding it to their investment loan, which transforms it into a fully tax deductible loss.

For Mr Sheahan, that meant shifting interest across to his investment loan.

Adrian Sheahan used the loan for his investment property to lower the interest rate on his home loan. Source: 7 News

The Australian Taxation Office gave this little-known mortgage product the green light in 2015, and finance experts say for tens of thousands of investors trying to pay off a big home loan, it’s a win-win.

“The big benefit for the person with the home loan is that if the interest rate’s lower, you can pay more of it off,” Peter Switzer, of Switzer home loans, said.

For Mr Sheahan, the low interest rate will take about 15 years or more off his mortgage.

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