Shocking video shows police officer knee man in ribcage during violent western Sydney arrest

A former policeman says footage of a violent arrest in Sydney’s west shows the reality of what officers have to deal with every day.

In vision obtained by 7 News, one officer is seen using pepper spray while another knees a man to the ribcage during an arrest in Mount Druitt.

Police had been called to the scene, after a 17-year-old girl allegedly threatened to kill a shop assistant after slamming a trolley through a glass door.

When officer arrived, they were faced with a group of 15.

The footage shows the moment before an officer knees a man in the ribs. Source: 7 News
The vision shows a man being detained by an officer. Source: 7 News

The man in the video was eventually arrested and charged with obstructing police.

The teen girl, who was already out on bail at the time of the alleged threats, appeared in court on Tuesday and was again released on bail.

Police officers eventually arrested the man. Source: 7 News

Former police officer, NSW Police Minister and now state MLC Mike Gallacher said the footage highlights the dangers officers put themselves in.

“It shows the public what the cops have to put up with, what they have to put up with every night of the week,” Mr Gallacher said.

“At the end of the day, these cops have to bring these people down and put them under arrest as quickly as possible, and as safely as they can to their colleagues and to the person they’re arresting.”

Former police officer Mike Gallacher. Source: 7 News

Police Union spokesman Scott Webber said it showed the lack of respect police officers experience.

According to civil libertarians, there was no need for officers to strike or knee the man they were trying to arrest.

A man was charged with obstructing police. Source: 7 News

“That does look like gratuitous violence by the police by someone who they were able to overpower and arrest,” NSW Council for Civil Liberties spokesperson Stephen Blanks said.

According to figures, there were 2,220 assaults on police officers in 2016.

“They get a slap on the wrist and they’re out the next day,” Mr Weber said.

Footage from the Mount Druitt arrest. Source: 7 News

“You give people bail and it puts them back on the street and it says it’s ok to punch cops. Well it’s not,” Mr Gallacher said.

The man and teen are set to appear in court next month.