Neighbour allegedly kills pet kangaroo after it 'attacks wife'

A man has killed his neighbour’s pet kangaroo claiming it had earlier attacked his wife.

Hope and Chris Lea, from White House in the US state of Tennessee, told News 2 their pet kangaroo was killed by neighbours on Wednesday.

It unfolded after neighbours found Carter on the property, but outside of his confined area, while the couple were away. Carter was five-feet tall and weighed 27kg, WSMV reported.

Mr and Ms Lea were contacted by the concerned neighbours who told them to lure the kangaroo back into its confined area with its feed. They said they were an hour away from home anyway.

Carter the kangaroo is pictured.
A couple claims one of their neighbours killed their kangaroo. Source: WATE 6 On Your Side

But the neighbours, who haven’t been named, stepped onto the property to try and get the kangaroo back inside, according to reports.

One of them, a woman, was reportedly attacked.

Mr Lea told WSMV the woman’s husband told him: “He grabbed my wife. I’m going to kill him. He’s dangerous”.

It’s alleged the man then strangled Carter and killed him.

Ms Lea told News 2 she returned home later to find Carter dead with the other kangaroos nearby.

“I was screaming because all of the babies were standing around his dead body and I was just so upset,” she said.

She claims he was “choked to death”.

Sumner County Sheriff Tim Bailey confirmed police were called to the property after reports two people were “in a battle with a male kangaroo”.

It is not clear if police intend to lay any charges but Mr Lea said he is considering his legal options.

He also disputes Carter was a danger to anyone claiming the entire property is fenced off.

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