Man Jokingly Gets Wife Ready for Work Since She ‘Makes More Money’ Than Him

The TikTok couple joked that "someone has to hold the house together while she’s gone"

<p>@DeMillionaires/Tiktok</p> Man Jokingly Gets Wife Ready for Work Since She


Man Jokingly Gets Wife Ready for Work Since She 'Makes More Money' Than Him

One man is accepting his wife’s new role as the breadwinner with open arms.

In a TikTok shared on Friday by a couple who go by the DeMillionaires online, husband Garrett showed off just how much he appreciates his wife bringing home the bacon.

Very fittingly set to Hall and Oates’ 1976 hit song “Rich Girl,” Garrett films himself jokingly dragging wife Syd out of bed to wake her up for work in the morning, brushing her teeth for her, tying her hair up in a ponytail, feeding her cereal and handing her lunch before she heads off to her job as a nurse.

Finishing it off strong, Garrett starts up Syd’s car for her and runs down the block waving as she makes her way to work.

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“I technically don’t make any money but someone has to hold the house together while she’s gone 💪🏼,” he wrote in the caption, referring to his current stint in graduate school.

Fans of the online couple related heavily to Garrett’s new role as a “house husband.”

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“This is so wrong. How could you do this, like honestly … you should’ve been driving the car for her,” one commenter joked.

“Girl bossed too hard and now I have to bring home the bacon 😭,” another fan wrote.

“My wife is a CRNA so I relate. I try to keep the queen of the house as happy as possible. Get her a foot massager as a gift,” another chimed in. “Trust me.”

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TikTok has given the DeMillionaires (real last name DeMille) the chance to show off their love for each other — and the hilarious day-to-day struggles of married life — since they began posting in 2019.

In another recent video, the duo posted a skit in which they frantically and violently try to get ready to leave the house for church the morning after the daylight saving switch.

In yet another, they jokingly answer the question of "why did you get married so young?" Their response: "FAFSA," a.k.a. student financial aid.

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