Man jailed for torturing woman in hotel

A Queensland man has been jailed for the "reprehensible" assault and torture of a woman for hours while he held her captive in a hotel room.

Trent Wayne Lawson, 38, of Hervey Bay, faced Brisbane District Court on Tuesday for sentencing after pleading guilty to common assault, wilful damage, stealing and torture.

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer said NSW-born Lawson escalated assaults against the 48-year-old woman at two inner-Brisbane hotels between September 21 and 23 in 2021.

"This was a protracted attack on the victim who was virtually held captive by the defendant in a hotel room. He punched and kneed her," Mr Anoozer said.

"It only stopped when she mustered the courage to open the door and yell for help. The punching and kneeing went on for at least two hours. It was unprovoked."

The victim suffered a broken eye socket and required reconstructive surgery with the insertion of a metal plate and two screws in her skull.

Lawson also forced her to give online banking details and transfer $290 to his account, damaged her mobile phone and left the hotel room taking all her clothes and medication.

Mr Anoozer said the court needed to impose a sentence with a strong personal deterrence for Lawson as he was a mature man with a history of violence and had committed his latest offences while on parole.

Lawson's barrister said his client had been abused in childhood and had become addicted to methamphetamine and heroin as a teenager.

"(The offending) was a result of misguided jealousy, alcohol and drug use," the barrister said.

"Since being in custody his work ethic has been encouraging ... He can be a contributing member of society upon release. He's not yet a lost cause."

Judge Michael Burnett said Lawson's offending had a significant effect on the vulnerable victim's mental and physical health.

"It is reprehensible offending over a short period against a woman who was older than you and less able to defend herself. I note that you are a large man," Judge Burnett said.

He said it was up to Lawson whether to stay off drugs and use his skills as an electrical apprentice to contribute to society or spend his time in jail.

Lawson was sentenced to six years in jail with his parole eligibility date set to Tuesday.

Lawson will remain in custody pending the outcome of any application for release.