Man jailed for murdering his wife after small manhood taunts

A man who murdered his wife after she mocked the size of his penis has been jailed for life.

David Clark, 49, murdered his wife Melanie, 44, after she mocked the size of his organ, which he said made him feel “inadequate”.

Clarke claimed he suffered a “loss of control” after his wife made the comments, which happened after they had played drinking games on New Year’s Eve. 

The court heard Ms Clark often made cruel remarks during their marriage and told him she had had a lesbian affair.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 15 years.

David Clark, 49, stabbed his wife after she mocked the size of his penis. Source: West Mercia Police

Sentencing Clark, Mr Justice Morris said he took into account that there was ‘some provocation’.

But he added, Ms Clark “was subjected to a brutal attack, which came without warning”.

West Mercia Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Neil Jamieson described the murder as “a tragic, senseless crime which has devastated Melanie’s family and has left her children to grow up without a mother”. 

“I sincerely hope today’s sentencing will provide a small sense of closure for Melanie’s family, who have been left to face the full repercussions of Clark’s actions in the most painful way,” he said. 

The former military medic launched his frenzied attack as the couple rowed about Ms Clark having an affair with his best friend’s daughter just two days before.

South African-born Melanie had confessed to having sex with friend Katie Bastians in their marital bed while Clark slept in the room next door. 

She had also repeatedly taunted him about having a “small d***” which Clark said made him feel “inadequate” and “sad”.

On the night of the murder, the couple had enjoyed a night celebrating New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house where they played a drinking game version of snakes and ladders. 

But once they returned home, they began arguing about Ms Clark’s lesbian encounter.

Clark then text Ms Bastians’s dad, Stephen, in “spite and revenge” to expose the details of their tryst and then messaged his wife saying: “F*** you, b****.”