Man jailed after devouring cookie without permission

A man is currently serving six months in jail because he reportedly didn’t ask permission before devouring a cookie while serving meals in a rehabilitation centre.

CBS reports that San Francisco man Gregory Fields, 42, was in a court ordered drug rehabilitation program at The Salvation Army Harbour Light Centre after a vandalism charge in 2017, and as part of his duties he was serving pre-prepared meals to homeless people.

When he was caught eating a leftover cookie without permission, he was asked to leave the rehab program.

When Mr Fields presented to his case worker he was told he could return to the program if he started it again from the beginning.

When Gregory Fields was caught eating a leftover cookie without permission, he was given two choices - jail or rehab, he chose jail. Source: Getty stock

Mr Fields declined to restart the program again and was told by a judge that the alternative was six months in jail.

Mr Fields chose the latter and is currently in San Francisco County Jail. 

The Harbour Light program reportedly requires participants to go through a ‘black out period’ of 30 days where they cannot contact family or friends.

Mr Fields reportedly told his legal representatives that he didn’t want to be shut out from his family again.

San Francisco Deputy Public Defender Dana Drusinsky reprimanded the Harbour Lights program and the court’s response to Mr Fields’ situation.

“If the court and providers were in fact focused on Mr Fields’ recovery, they would not have locked him up for eating a cookie,” Ms Drusinsky said.

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